Court Filings

Oxford Outlaw Matt Reardon appeals to Mississippi Supreme Court with extreme displeasure and disdain with the trial court.

What all went into this compared to the typical 2–3 line notice is what is the complete shocker!

The words that describe the latest developments in “Riding With The Outlaw” are beyond destructive and not only to me, but to our rights as a whole as citizens.

My case has been tainted with corrupt acts and further obstruction to go along with everything that I have alleged since the beginning! The absolutely jaw dropping framed crimes against a USMC Veteran whom has proven literally every single thing, shown every sliver of evidence and every angle, and further shown the complete negligence, intentional acts, and obstructionist tactics. These people and this court has done everything in their power to not only destroy the life of an innocent man, but to keep an innocent United States Marine Corps Veteran’s life completely destroyed without the slightest BIT of remorse. All of this further demonstrates the intentional malice shown and the flagrant downright abuse of our legal/judicial system which has gone so far off course in what is clear as a full blown declaration of war on its own citizens and that is how it is perceived and is taken! I would further state that the pungent disregard by all who have seen the complete atrocity shown and have chosen to remain silent and assist in keeping everything suppressed is probably the most disgusting thing I’ve ever witnessed or imagined!

The only peaceful resolution to everything is to echo the atrocity of everything, not remain quiet enabling it. At this point it is up to the citizens, we the people, to push back and fight back to make it crystal clear that this type of disgusting behavior will never be tolerated! That is why we have laws and what has been witnessed is a system completely contrary to the system our country is supposed to be ironclad on! Where are the damn senators!? Where are the damn congressmen? Why are they sitting on their ass staying quiet!? I’m DEMANDING a congressional investigation and congressional hearing on this!!! I’m DEMANDING the Inspector General and Attorney General get involved! I’m OUTRAGED as an American Citizen, and every American Citizen should be too because what is to stop this precedence set from coming after anybody next? Even you! This is an all out attack on American Soil and I have a lifelong sworn oath to uphold in defending against all enemies BOTH foreign AND DOMESTIC to keep! Let this notice of appeal serve as the initial stomp of my boot in saying enough is enough of the fragrant abuse in our legal system that has been deteriorating throughout the years.

We The People can do better, We the People MUST do better!

See proof of fraud committed in Lafayette County Circuit Court here>

After watching that and reading this article, can you say with complete confidence that you can sleep easy knowing your presidential ballot won’t be tampered with as well? If not then NOW is your time to step up and let your voice be heard!

Be Great

-Matt Reardon AKA “The Oxford Outlaw” [email protected]

Visit to see with your own eyes all the ridiculousness that has led us up to here.